Let Peace Ring

Let Peace Ring

Let Peace Ring

Saint Angela, our founder, was a reconciler. Long before she founded the Ursuline Sisters in 1535, Angela was well-known in her northern Italian homeland as a peacemaker. A woman of deep faith, Angela had a special gift of listening to others—not just to their words, but to their hearts. People of varied backgrounds sought Angela’s help to dispel divisions that arose between individuals, politicians, nobility, family members—anyone who was not at peace with God, oneself, or others.

Being a reconciling presence is an essential aspect of our Ursuline charism. Over the last 476 years, Ursulines have sought to be signs of reconciliation and of hope to people everywhere.

It’s only fitting, then, that a new sculpture – a 6 foot by 6 foot peace sign – greets visitors to the Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown. Hear the story in this short video, or read on below.



The Ursuline Center Labyrinth is home to a new sculpture donated by a northeast Ohio artist. Let Peace Ring was created by Eileen Gross, who’s volunteered with the Ursuline Sisters HIV/AIDS Ministry for nearly a decade.

“When she approached me and asked if I thought it would be possible that she could donate it to us, that we could put it on our property, I was excited,” says executive director of the HIV/AIDS Ministry, Sister Kathleen Minchin. “I thought, ‘Yes!’ especially since it is a symbol of peace.”

Eileen describes herself as a woman with a strong prayer life. It was during prayer that Gross was inspired to offer the sculpture to the Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown.

“It’s really all about beauty and I am very committed to peace,” Eileen states. “Even though I was in the military, I understand that it’s also much better to work together with people, because when we work together, there’s really enough for everybody.”


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