Christian Women Celebrate: Summer 2017

Christian Women Celebrate: Summer 2017

Christian Women Celebrate: Summer 2017

Come for prayer, praise, insight, small group faith sharing (if you choose), and true fellowship with each other through the Spirit of the Savior!  Don’t forget to personally invite a friend, especially someone who needs to feel the unconditional love of Jesus! 

Thanks to you and your support of this program, we are scheduled for yet another year. Prayers have been answered! 

Please join us either 10-11:30 a.m. or 6:30-8 p.m.. Each presentation is realistic, with moments of exceptional humor.The session begins with music and scripture. After the DVD presentation, the participants are free to share responses with those women at their tables. The session will conclude with a challenge to bring the theme to their own personal lives and a closing song of praise.


Tuesday, July 17: Doubting Thomas, Really?   Angie Smith

How the story of the disciple Thomas can show you the power of declaring who God is. 

Always charming, funny, and real, author Angie Smith shares her struggle with doubt and fear. She dives into the story of the disciple Thomas to show us the power of declaring who God is!

Tuesday, August 22: Celebration of Womanhood    Nicole Johnson and Anita Renfroe

Nicole’s dramatic portrayals of the challenges facing today’s mega-multi-tasking women and her “Fresh Brewed Life” message give “Hope for the Daily Grind” to thoughtful women who are motivated but often find themselves overextended.


Comedian and author Anita Renfroe became an overnight Internet sensation when her YouTube video of her singing everything a mother says to her children in a single day to the tune of “The William Tell Overture” in just two minutes and fifty-five seconds was viewed by millions. Renfroe was featured on morning and late night entertainment and news programs and resulted in her becoming a comedy contributor for Good Morning America.


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