Christian Women Celebrate: 2017-2018 Series

Christian Women Celebrate: 2017-2018 Series

Christian Women Celebrate: 2017-2018 Series

Come for prayer, praise, insight, small group faith sharing (if you choose), and true fellowship with each other through the Spirit of the Savior!  Don’t forget to personally invite a friend, especially someone who needs to feel the unconditional love of Jesus! 

Thanks to you and your support of this program, we are scheduled for yet another year. Prayers have been answered! 

Please join us either 10-11:30 a.m. or 6:30-8 p.m.. Each presentation is realistic, with moments of exceptional humor.The session begins with music and scripture. After the DVD presentation, the participants are free to share responses with those women at their tables. The session will conclude with a challenge to bring the theme to their own personal lives and a closing song of praise.



Tues. 9/26/17         Sheila Walsh                        “God is in Control”


Tues. 10/24/17       Marilyn Meberg                  “What ARE You Thinking?”


Tues. 11/28/17       Dramatist Mark Price        “Joseph, In His Own Words”

                                      (Advent Theme)


Tues. 1/23/18         Patsy Clairmont                  “Keep Pedaling”


Tues. 2/27/18         Joyce Meyer                        “New Way of Living”

                                    (Lenten Theme)


Tues. 4/24/18         Sheila Walsh                        “The God of the Universe

                                                                                      Loves You Passionately!”


Tues. 5/22/18         Joyce Meyer                        “Eat the Cookie. . .Buy the Shoes.”


(As always, friends are invited, especially those who “need a little or a lot of Jesus” in their lives!)


Call 330.799.4941 to register or register online [see below]. The donation is $5 per class.

Facilitator:        Mrs. Carol Craven




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