Health and Well-being

lectioWell-being is a state of balance or alignment in body, mind and spirit. In this state, we feel content, and connected to purpose, people and community, peaceful and energized, resilient and safe. In short, we are flourishing.

Our personal well-being — as well as the well-being of our families, the organizations in which we work, and the communities in which we live — is influenced by many factors. We encourage you to consider ways to increase your capacity and expand your potential in these areas.

We offer:

Spiritual Counseling
Meet Sister Pauline as she shares her vision about her ministry:

Bereavement counseling is assistance and support to people with emotional and psychological stress after the death of a loved one. Bereavement counseling includes a broad range of transition services, including outreach, counseling, and referral services to family members.

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Individual Spiritual and/or Bereavement Counseling by appointment. Contact Sister Pauline Dalpe, OSU/MEd. LPC. at 330.792.7636.

Project Rachel
Project Rachel is the Catholic Church’s healing ministry to those who’ve been involved in abortion. Its name comes from Scripture:

In Ramah is heard the sound of moaning,
of bitter weeping!
Rachel mourns her children,
she refuses to be consoled
because her children are no more.

Thus says the LORD:
Cease your cries of mourning,
wipe the tears from your eyes.
The sorrow you have shown shall have its reward…
There is hope for your future.

Jeremiah 31:15-1

Project Rachel operates as a network of healing composed of specially-trained caregivers which may include priests, deacons, sisters, lay staff and volunteers, mental health professionals, spiritual directors, mentors, chaplains and others, such as medical personnel. These individuals, often working as a team, provide direct care to women, men and adolescents who have been touched by an abortion loss, enabling them to grieve, receive forgiveness, and find peace. Although most dioceses use the name Project Rachel, some programs are named differently. In addition to individualized counseling, some programs include support groups and retreats. Founded in 1984 by Victoria Thorn in Milwaukee, today Project Rachel programs can be found in about 150 Catholic dioceses in the United States, as well as in dioceses in other countries.

A single phone call puts you in touch with Sister Pauline who can help You may call her at 330.792.7636. Come back to God who is Love and Mercy.

Spiritual Direction
Are you looking for some direction in your life–something more? A spiritual director, companion, mentor, or guide may help you along on your journey of discovery.

“Spiritual direction explores a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human. Simply put, spiritual direction is helping people tell their sacred stories everyday. Spiritual direction has emerged in many contexts using language specific to particular cultural and spiritual traditions. Describing spiritual direction requires putting words to a process of fostering a transcendent experience that lies beyond all names and yet the experience longs to be articulated and made concrete in everyday living. It is easier to describe what spiritual direction does than what spiritual direction is. Spiritual direction helps us learn how to live in peace, with compassion, promoting justice, as humble servants of that which lies beyond all names.” Liz Budd Ellmann, MDiv, Executive Director, Spiritual Directors International

Spiritual direction is by appointment. Contact Eileen W. Novotny at 330.533.3831.




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  1. Rosemary e

    I’m very interested in learning more about your swimming pool and activities with prices. Any information you can share would be appreciated.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. mrgatts

      Hello Rosemary, I apologize for the delay in answering you. We have several programs. Please call 330-799-4941 and ask for either Sister Jan Gier or Sister Nancy Pawlen and they can help you with your questions.

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